Monday, May 16, 2011

Liberty Virtual School-San Jose Unified School District

San Jose Unified School District brings you Liberty Virtual School, an online school for 6th - 12th grades

Who can enroll? Anyone under 18
• Anyone under 18 years of age (Out of district students too)
• Non attendees
• High school students who are severely credit deficient (70+ units)
• Home-studies and/or Independent Study students not already enrolled in SJUSD programs
How the school works? 100% online
• With a computer and access to the Internet, students can complete the coursework online as a full-time student.
• Classes, assignments tests, labs and activities are all accessed online.
Is the diploma recognized? Yes
• Diploma is just like any other high school diploma in SJUSD district
• Fulfills a-g requirements and is UC/CSU approved.
Is there a cost? No
• No cost at all as it is a public middle/high school.
Who do I call/email to enroll?
LVS-Program Coordinator: Arooj Syed
Ph: 408 535 2326
Fax: 408 278 1382